About Us


We have been specialized in manufacturing, sales, and the distribution of kitchen appliances for over 20 years. If you purchase from us, you will benefit from these advantages:

  • Affordable prices: we are an online-outlet and therefore only small expenses are incurred for distribution and intermediaries.
  • High quality: our appliances are in part identical in construction with well-known brand manufacturers
  • Competent service team: we can help you professionally and, if needed, repair your appliance as well.


Who Is KKT KOLBE Kitchen Technology?

KKT KOLBE is a design manufacturer who has been specialized in the distribution of kitchen appliances for over 20 years now. KKT KOLBE offers you innovative products with an elegant and exclusive design. The appliances are easy to operate and designed for a long lifespan. The quality of our products is very important to us.

All of the KKT KOLBE products have, of course, a full 24 months warranty.

Why Are Our Products So Affordable?

KKT KOLBE works as a small manufacturer in a niche, and because of the transparent and effective structure of the company, significantly smaller overhead-expenses are incurred. We gladly pass along these savings to our costumers: You receive top-quality appliances for a great price.

How Good Is the Quality?

Our product range is divided into three quality classifications:

  • Basic-Line: Good and affordable products that are reduced to the essentials.

  • Professional-Line: Nice and neatly processed design-appliances for daily use.

  • Premium-Line: High-class and elegantly processed design-appliances for high demand.

Quality is very important to us – we want our costumers to be satisfied and we want them to recommend KKT KOLBE products to their friends and family. Products of well-known brands are usually manufactured in our factories as well; our standard of quality is therefore accordingly high.

I Have A Technical Question About My Product

We have our own workshop and all products in our house, and we can provide you with proficient information about the products. Naturally, we can also repair your appliance (if necessary).

Our Products

Exhaust Hoods

Do you want an exhaust hood that is quiet and works efficiently? KKT KOLBE exhaust hoods range from sound-insulated and ultra-quiet models in premium quality to affordable basic models. Our exhaust hoods are easy to install. Almost all of our models have LED lighting, which is energy efficient. Most hoods are used as extracted air and circulating air mode, for which you need a carbon filter. Please find details on the product descriptions.


KKT KOLBE cooktops are available as electronic glass ceramic cooktops with fast-heating cook zones, or as extremely fast induction cooktops. Induction responds instantly and saves up to 45% energy. You only need compatible induction cookware (bottom of the cookware has to be magnetic). Autarkic cooktop means that it can be separately operated from the oven and can be built in independently without an oven.

All of our cooktops are superbly manufactured and have the same quality standard as brand names.


KKT KOLBE built-in ovens can either be placed in a cabinet base, or as a wall oven. With convection cooking you can cook several dishes on various levels, without the odor penetrating the food. Enjoy tender meat at only 165°C with the grill/roast system, and take advantage of the innovative ConceptClean-System, which will reduce cleaning time immensely.

Range-Set: Oven With Cooktop

With these sets, the cooktop is operated via the oven display. Usually, there are two buttons for the oven (setting and temperature) and four buttons for the cooktop.


Our dishwashers help you with your kitchen chores by undertaking quietly and efficiently the wash-up. You can select between our Premium-Line models with cutlery drawers, or the low-in-price Basic-Line appliances.

Refrigerators and Freezers

Refrigerators and refrigerators with an included freezer are essential appliances in kitchens. At KKT KOLBE, we offer a great selection of built-in and side-by-side refrigerators. Find the perfect one for your kitchen.